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Charles Comm Signs Golden Star Tea & Brix

1 February, 2009


Charles Communications Signs Golden Star Tea and Brix Chocolate

San Francisco, CA February 2009 - Charles Communications Associates, LLC. announced the addition of two new clients to its diverse portfolio of consumer brands for 2009. Golden Star Tea, and Brix Chocolate have tasked Charles Communications for their public relations efforts for its strategic insight and ability to steer brands to the right media and consumer groups both online and off.

"We are extremely excited to be promoting two such tasty and truly unique products outside our mainstream portfolio of wine & spirits," said Kimberly Charles, founder of Charles Communications Associates, LLC.. "Both companies were initiated by imaginative, and forward thinking people and that's a perfect fit for our firm. We appreciate being acknowledged as experts in the field of fine food and beverage."

Golden Star Tea is a San Francisco brewer of a unique product: White Jasmine Sparkling Tea. Similar to champagne in its mouth feel and complex character, the White Jasmine offers a drinking experience that is at once familiar and entirely new. With a slight sweetness and a clean acidity, it pairs perfectly with a wide variety of cuisines and is the ideal choice for any refined celebration or affair. For those consumers unwilling to sacrifice sophistication and complexity in their search for a non-alcoholic fine beverage, Golden Star's White Jasmine Sparkling Tea offers a welcome and unique choice. The beverage is available in 730ml bottles at Whole Foods Market, as well as specialty wine shops and restaurants. For more information please visit

Brix Chocolates were specially developed to pair with wine. Based on single origin chocolate from Ghana, Brix chocolates boast red fruit flavors that won't overwhelm wine. Brix Milk Chocolate is ideally suited for light bodied red wines and dessert wines; while Brix Dark Chocolate is very versatile and pairs well with medium bodied and fruit forward red wines ranging all the way from fuller bodied Pinot Noir to lighter Cabernets. Brix Extra Dark Chocolate is the perfect pair for powerful or tannic red wines. Dr. Nick Proia, a pulmonologist and wine enthusiast, created Brix chocolates after seeking a healthier alternative to pairing wine with cheese. For more information please visit

About Charles Communications Associates, LLC.
Charles Communications Associates, LLC, headquartered in San Francisco, CA is an independent creative marketing communications and public relations firm that helps local and global companies, organizations and non-profits create, build and launch a brand. Recognized as one of the most effective PR firms in the consumer products and wine industry, CCA is also known for success in the gourmet, natural and organic food and beverage categories, as well as for top shelf spirits and luxury products marketing. The CCA team infuses its work with enthusiasm, originality, and strategy to help clients thrive and grow. Current CCA client roster includes Boisset Family Estates, The Bubble Lounge, Domaine Carneros, JAQK Cellars, Mark West, Parallel Wines, and Volta Wines. For more information please visit

For press inquiries contact Kimberly Charles of Charles Communications Associates, LLC at or 415.701.9463.