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CCA’s Marketing & Branding Capabilities

Wine Marketing

You may have gathered by now that wine marketing and public relations are something of a house specialty at CCA. In fact, the members of our team have all devoted the majority of our careers to wine marketing and public relations, and you can rest assured that we share your enthusiasm for both the art and business of wine. As we have honed our craft, wine and spirits brands have proliferated dramatically. Having a well-conceived marketing strategy has never been more important. We assist both large and small clients in the development of coherent marketing plans tailored to specific brands and products and targeting specific niches where the prospects of success are greatest. 

Public Relations

CCA will help your company to distill its mission and focus on its most unique aspects, and then we spread the word. We have strong, durable relationships with food, wine, spirits, lifestyle and general business print and broadcast media, prominent blogs and other new media outlets. While you continue to do what you do best, we engage media outlets, communicating your message and supplying journalists and commentators with the support they need to promote your products. Our clients have been featured in Time Magazine, Fast Company, the New York Times, USA Today, Oprah, The Economist, Business Week, Newsweek, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Los Angeles Times, Wine Spectator, Saveur, NPR, Robb Report, GQ Magazine, Lucky, Elle Magazine among many others.

Brand Development and Management

CCA has a proven track record as a brand incubator, developing nascent brands from their inception. We’re capable of refreshing and re-positioning venerable companies that have entered a new era, and we assist established brands in reinforcing their enduring relevance and benchmark status. As required, we collaborate with a top-flight network of outside graphic designers, web developers, photographers and packaging consultants to meet your specific needs.

Writing Bureau?

CCA’s writing team develops press kits, drafts pitch letters, website and HTML content, speeches, brochure text and a wide variety of other marketing materials. We work with our in-house talent as well as outside professional, award-winning writers to create inspiring copy.

Special Events & Promotions?

We can help your company stage unique, memorable promotional events that will attract appropriate media and other guests and make resonant, measurable impressions.

Partnership Building & Co-Marketing

Charles Communications Associates frequently forges partnerships with like-minded individuals and companies, from sommeliers and retailers to profit and non-profit businesses, with the long-term goal of developing relationships that will be a source of fresh ideas and expose your brand to new audiences as well as activate sales.

Crisis Communications?

Sometimes things don’t go exactly as you plan. When things go awry, you’ll need savvy counseling and professional media management to respond quickly, gracefully and effectively to media inquiries to regain your balance. Charles Communications Associates is experienced in crisis management. We can help you weather the storm, control damage to your reputation and set a fresh course for your company.