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Chef Douglas Keane Comes Out “Top Dog” in Top Chef Masters Season 5: Sonoma County-based chef wins Top Chef Masters Season 5, earning a total of $120K for his charity, Green Dog Rescue Project

26 September, 2013

Healdsburg, CA – In the finale episode of Bravo’s hit competitive cooking show, Top Chef Masters Season 5, which aired last night, Chef Douglas Keane of Healdsburg, California, wins the grand prize of $100,000, earning the title of ‘Top Chef Master.’

In addition to the grand prize, Keane earned an extra $20,000 on the show in previous episodes, earning a grand total of $120,000. In total, Keane won two quick fire challenges and three elimination challenges throughout the season.
All of Keane’s earnings will go towards his charity of choice, Green Dog Rescue Project, a Sonoma County-based organization dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and finding loving homes for at risk dogs. Keane is the Co-founder of the organization.
About Chef Douglas Keane
Based in the bucolic wine country of Healdsburg, California, Chef Douglas Keane is the owner of the Healdsburg Bar & Grill and Co-founder of Green Dog Rescue Project. Aside from winning Top Chef Masters Season 5, Keane has earned two Michelin stars, a four-star review from the San Francisco Chronicle and numerous local and national awards.

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About Green Dog Rescue Project 
Green Dog Rescue Project is a non-profit organization that rescues dogs at risk of being euthanized, rehabilitates then in a pack setting, and finds them loving homes. Their mission is to revolutionize the animal welfare world by using a nature-based approach. They provide education in bridging the gap between the languages of dogs and humans by offering workshops, pre-surrender counseling, pre-adoption counseling and post-adoption support for at risk dogs.
For more information about Green Dog Rescue Project, visit
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