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DeLoach Vineyards Brings Barrel-To-Barrel Wine Program Direct to Consumers

22 November, 2010

Consumers can now enjoy an eco-friendly, cellar-to-glass tasting experience in the comfort of their own homes.

Russian River, CA, November 22, 2010– DeLoach Vineyards, part of the family-owned Boisset Family Estates and pioneer of the widely successful on-premise Barrel-to-Barrel wine program, is now extending this offering to include 3-liter and 10-liter barrels available for purchase by the general public. A long time leader in sustainable winery practices, including organic and Biodynamic® farming, DeLoach further evolves its commitment to sustainability by allowing consumers to now enjoy DeLoach wines through this ecologically and economically conscientious packaging. In addition, consumers can enjoy a taste experience evocative of an actual barrel tasting in a cellar in their own homes.

The Barrel-to-Barrel program is an innovative alternative packaging option in which wine is kept within a 3 or 10-liter oak barrel and easily accessed for by-the-glass pouring through an elegant spout at the front of the barrel. The wine within these barrels is kept in eco-bags, within a sturdy recyclable cardboard box which protects the wine from oxidation for up to six weeks. A barrel can be refilled by simply inserting another eco-bag. This system uses less energy to transport and eliminates waste from bottle breakage, significantly reducing the carbon footprint of both the consumer and DeLoach Vineyards.  As an example, a 10L eco-bag contains the equivalent of 13.33 glass bottles. 12 empty glass bottles weigh 242.54 ounces, while one empty 10L DeLoach Vineyards eco-bag weighs just 2.42 ounces – a dramatic reduction.

“We’re delighted to be taking the next step with this revolutionary program by offering it to the public. Now our customers can enjoy our wines in a sophisticated, stylish, and convenient way that is marked with the DeLoach distinction of quality and sustainability,” says Jean-Charles Boisset, President of Boisset Family Estates and DeLoach Vineyards.

The components of the Barrel to Barrel program are available for purchase at DeLoach Vineyards and at Boisset’s new tasting salon in Healdsburg, CA – the Taste of Terroir. The 3-liter barrel sells for $220 and the 10-liter barrel sells for $250. DeLoach, with its tradition of award-winning Pinot Noir (the 2007 DeLoach Russian River Valley Pinot Noir was recognized by Wine & Spirits Magazine as one of the top "100 Best Buys of the Year" in 2009), is currently offering two wines through this program: the Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir (only available at Taste of Terroir), available in 3-liter eco-bags for $60/bag and 10-liter eco-bags for $180/bag and the California Heritage Reserve Pinot Noir (available at both Taste of Terroir and DeLoach Vineyards), available in 3-liter eco-bags for $52/bag and 10-liter eco-bags for $156/bag.

As a special holiday offering locally in Northern California, DeLoach Vineyards has implemented a rental system for the 10-liter Barrel-to-Barrel offering. Consumers can rent a 10-liter barrel for a fee of $50 (with a deposit fee of $125 charged if not returned within 7 days) and purchase eco-bags of the Sonoma Coast at $180/10L bag or California Heritage Reserve Pinot Noir at $156/10L bag as a unique, cost-efficient, and eco-conscious way to enjoy DeLoach wines during their holiday celebrations.

DeLoach Vineyards is a member of the family-owned Boisset Estates, which has been recognized internationally for its green innovations in the wine world, its leadership in Burgundy and Pinot Noir, and its commitment to Biodynamic® farming at its historical winery estates. The consumer offering of the Barrel-to-Barrel program is an extension of a long line of alternative packaging options offered by Boisset Family Estates, including the French Rabbit wines in Tetra Pak cartons. Jean-Charles Boisset was awarded Innovator of the Year in 2009 by the Wine Enthusiast for his company’s efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of wine packaging.