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Enhancing the Aromas and Flavor Profiles of Wine Through Yoga

28 April, 2011

Fifth Generation Winemaker Karl Wente Releases Short Virtual Yoga Practice Series

Livermore, CA– Karl Wente, Fifth Generation Winemaker, gifted musician and devoted yoga practitioner announced the release of a series of short minute yoga videos he developed with friend and yoga practitioner Joe Kara. Tailored for the often demanding and hectic lives of business professionals, the videos feature a blend of yoga practices along with commentary from Karl expressing how yoga has encouraged balance and focus in his life, allowing him to become acutely in-tune with the wines he creates as well as the many business decisions he must make as a member of the country’s oldest continuously operated family owned winery. The videos will begin release this week, on a bi-weekly basis, on the Wente Vineyards Facebook page, YouTube page, and Karl Wente’s blog.

Several forms of yoga, the ancient Indian practice of achieving physical and spiritual well being through movement and meditation, have become incredibly popular in the West in the past few decades. From celebrities to political and media luminaries to everyday enthusiasts, yoga has proven to be a powerful practice, with the ability to influence a myriad of different lifestyles. Its many benefits, including increased focus, energy and creativity and reduction of stress, are welcomed incentives for those under a lot of pressure in the workplace.

Those who have experienced the many benefits of yoga have likely also encountered heightened senses following a yoga practice. For wine enthusiasts, this translates to finely tuned senses to the aromas and flavor profiles in wine and can elevate a tasting experience that may well be unattainable to the average non-yoga practicing wine consumer. This holds true for those in creative fields other than winemaking. Take fashion industry icon Donna Karan, who has been practicing yoga since the age of 18- Karan spends two hours each morning on her yoga mat in the yoga studio of her apartment. For creative professionals such as Karan, explorations into the inner self through yoga are a large part of the creative process. Other high-powered yoga practitioners include Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs, Whole Foods CEO John Mackey, news anchor Katie Couric, and Martha Stewart, among many others. Entire corporations such as Nike, General Electric, AT&T, HBO, Forbes, and Apple have been known to offer yoga classes to employees in an effort to improve work-life balance.

Though yoga may have countless physical and mental benefits, many executives and business professionals simply do not have two hours in a day to devote to their yoga practice. With this in mind, Karl Wente’s yoga series was created to help viewers take just a quick moment to center themselves before a meeting or calm their minds after an eventful day. Dedicating a just a few minutes yoga can aid in managing stress and increasing quality of life in today’s busy world.

Karl Wente’s yoga practice has not only brought a sense of balance to his life, but as a winemaker, yoga has afforded him the focus and patience to enhance his senses to the aromas and flavors in the wines he creates. This elevated appreciation for the nuances in wine has truly allowed him to fine-tune his skills as a winemaker, helping him attain more subtly and balance in his wines.

About Wente Vineyards

Named a Top 30 wine company by the 2011 Wine Business Monthly, Wente Vineyards is the country's oldest continuously operated family-owned winery. Today, Wente Vineyards is led by the fourth and fifth generations of the Wente family. More than 125 years of committed stewardship to the land has led to the development of Wente Vineyards’ Farming for the Future program, a system of sustainable viticultural practices designed to produce the best quality wines with the least environmental impact. This philosophy extends to all aspects of winery operations, where energy efficiency, waste reduction, recycling and social responsibility are all integral to the culture.

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