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New Additions to CCA

14 February, 2012

San Francisco, CA - Charles Communications
Associates (CCA) is pleased to announce two new hires to its creative
marketing communications firm. Katie Hunter is joining CCA as an
account executive and as social media director. CCA is also excited
to announce that Skye Morgan, has been promoted to account

Katie Hunter got her start in the wine industry in Washington D.C. as
a media specialist for Heritage Link Brands, a South African wine
importer. Hunter also brings with her an abundance of philanthropic
experience from working at Arabella Advisors, a company whose client
list includes the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the NFL Player
Care Foundation. Working with small companies to develop social media
strategies and campaigns, Hunter has created successful social media
based campaigns that have gained recognition in publications such as
Inc. Magazine. Her knowledge of wine and experience in social
responsibility makes her an excellent addition to the agency given
CCA's focus on companies with a minimally sustainable approach to
their business.

Skye Morgan originally joined CCA as an intern. Her passion and
knowledge for the wine and food industry contribute to her growing
talent in this field. Growing up in Napa Valley with her parents,
wine makers and cookbook authors, Morgan was educated in the world of
food and wine at an early age. She spent a year abroad in Bordeaux,
France for a year, which cultivated her love and understanding of
wine. Her organizational skills and contagious enthusiasm are a great
asset to the CCA team and its clients.

About Charles Communications Associates
Founded in 2003, Charles Communications Associates, LLC is an
independent creative marketing communications firm based in San
Francisco, California, that helps local and global companies create,
build and launch brands. Recognized as one of the most effective PR
firms in the wine industry, CCA is also known for success in the
gourmet, natural and organic food and beverage categories. CCA also
specializes in marketing for top shelf spirits and luxury products.
CCA is a nimble, energetic and focused team that infuses our work
with enthusiasm, originality, and strategy to help our clients thrive
and grow. The company has helped brands such as Boisset Family
Estates, Wente Family Estates, Square One Organic Vodka, Cameron
Hughes, Parallel Napa Valley, Domaine Carneros and many others
establish a strong identity and point of differentiation that has
captured market share, helped them move to the next business level or
cemented them in the minds of their audiences.