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Oeneo Successfully Defends Super-Critical Challenge

22 April, 2009

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Oeneo Successfully Defends Super-Critical Challenge

London, United Kingdom April 22, 2009... Oeneo, manufacturer of technical closure DIAM, has today (22nd April) successfully defended a challenge to its patented super-critical technology in the European Office of the Patent in M√ľnchen.

The challenge was filed by cork producers against Oeneo and the government owned French Atomic Agency CEA, which jointly own the exclusive rights to the patented DIAM super-critical CO2 process. Objectors had challenged DIAM's rights to the super-critical technology.

Commenting on the development, DIAM commercial director Dean Banister said: "This recent challenge is yet another positive validation of the Diamant process, and of the DIAM closure in itself, highlighting the inferior nature of other cork based closure solutions.

As custodians of the Diamant process we are exploring opportunities to share the technology with selected industry partners. That said, of utmost importance to Oeneo is the integrity of the Diamant process - we need to ensure the technology is used in a responsible manner to continue to deliver efficient closure solutions to the global wine industry.

The Diamant process, which has been scientifically proven to eradicate detectable levels of TCA and other undesirable compounds, has been used since 2003 to produce and sell nearly 800 million DIAM closures that are not only TCA free but also offer varying levels of Oxygen Transmission Rates (OTR) and a mechanical sealing guarantee of a minimum of two, five or ten years.

About Oeneo

Oeneo provides a secure closure with huge performance benefits, allowing their clients to close their wines with confidence. By concentrating their efforts on two real threats to the wine industry, closure consistency and TCA, Oeneo has been able to provide wineries with two winning solutions: DIAM, a technological cork free of TCA taint and the S-Cap, a screw cap closure, both with two levels of permeability. These closures offer flexibility, consistency and security to the winemaker, providing the only complete range to suit all winemaking styles and market requirements. For more information about Oeneo, please visit For more information about DIAM closure for wine and the DIAMANT process for TCA extraction, please visit