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Oregon Craft Saké Brand Momokawa Announces Relaunch

25 May, 2011

Forest Grove, Oregon- America’s premium saké company, SakéOne announced today the re-launch of their core Oregon craft saké brand, Momokawa. The leading producer of junmai ginjo (premium) grade saké in the U.S., Momokawa has announced a stunning new label design by renowned label and packaging designer Jeffrey Caldewey. Though Momokawa saké is deeply rooted in tradition and technique, the saké producer is celebrated and perhaps best known for pioneering the revolution of saké in the U.S. The new label design coincides with several subtle changes in the brewing process that have ultimately resulted in enhanced flavor and body.

Commissioned to completely re-design Momokawa’s new label, Caldewey said, “the most prominent element of all saké labels is calligraphy. It can be said that kanji calligraphy has its roots in abstract symbols that represent concrete ideas. What I was seeking was abstract symbols that represent emotions. While bound by tradition, there is an avant-garde, abstract form of calligraphy called zeneisho, which reminded me a bit of the ‘action’ painting of abstract expressionist painter Jackson Pollock.” The backdrop to the design is a unique medium that has the texture of traditional artist linen combined with an iridescence that calls to mind highly polished, premium quality rice. The design is the result of Caldewey splashing about with indigo ink that seems to leap from the original Momokawa cobalt blue bottle- truly a visual example of East blending with West.

In terms of taste, Sakémaster Greg Lorenz, who is gaining popularity in the premium beverage world as the only American sakémaster to date, has been quietly fine tuning the delicacy and nuances of his saké over the last two years to yield even more charming and alluring results. Lorenz’s foundation for brewing saké is deeply rooted in Japanese tradition and technique, down to the equipment, process and ingredients. However with changes in the brewing process that are as understated as classical elements of Japanese culture, Lorenz manages his koji and yeast in a manner that gives Momokawa saké flavor profiles that he feels are more appealing to American consumers yet retain the standards of his teachers.

Last year, Momokawa’s “Ruby” Junmai Ginjo saké earned a silver medal at the prestigious all-Japanese U.S. National Saké Appraisal 2010, no small feat for an American saké producer. Though Momokawa undoubtedly honors tradition, Oregon’s pioneer spirit infuses the air that the saké makers breathe and the pristine water they brew with. With this spirit synonymous with the American dream, Momokawa has evolved in the last few years revolutionizing saké and truly defining Oregon craft saké.

About SakéOne

SakéOne is America's premium saké company and importer of some of Japan’s finest saké. Founded in 1992 as an importer, SakéOne has been crafting strictly junmai ginjo quality saké at its state-of-the-art kura (brewery) in Forest Grove, the heart of the Willamette Valley: Oregon’s craft beer-brewing and winemaking mecca, since 1998. In 2010, SakéOne’s Momokawa “Ruby” Junmai Ginjo earned a silver medal at the prestigious U.S. National Sake Appraisal 2010, no small feat for an American producer in a crowd of more than 300 Japanese entrants and a judging panel held to precise Japanese standards. Though SakéOne clearly honors tradition, their Oregonian pioneering spirit is constantly evolving and has truly come to define Oregon craft saké. For more information, please visit  For media inquiries, please contact or 415|701-9463.