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Pushing the Boundaries of Wine Label Art, Imagery Estate Winery Debuts First Musical Wine Label

10 January, 2011

January 2011, Glen Ellen, CA—Imagery Estate Winery, part of the Benziger Family Wineries, has just released the 2009 vintage of its popular North Coast White Burgundy.

Every vintage of Imagery’s wine is released with an original piece of art on the label, commissioned from artists all over the world. This year, Imagery pushed the boundaries of wine label art and broke with tradition:  Instead of a painting, drawing, or photograph, Imagery commissioned an original musical composition. “Imagine a Waltz” is by Richard Derwingson of Mount Shasta, California, and the label for Imagery’s 2009 White Burgundy label is emblazoned with the musical score.

“At first, I was a bit taken aback, wondering how I would incorporate the Imagery’s iconic “Parthenon” into the song itself, since it’s not a visual image,” recalls Derwingson. He continues, “But the Parthenon is a classic example of Doric architecture, and in music there’s a Dorian mode, which comes from the same period.  It’s based on different intervals, like all scales. It’s different than western music, and I used that mode in order to write the melodic line and the theme for “Imagine a Waltz.”  (The Dorian mode, a mixture of whole and half steps, originated in Greek times, but lives to this day, and appears in jazz and blues solos.)

Imagery 2009 contains mostly Chardonnay, with small amounts of Pinot Blanc and Pinot Meunier added to the blend. “The 2009 is rich and well-structured, with a dash of sassiness that comes from Pinot Meunier,” says Joe Benziger, Imagery Estate’s winemaker.

Imagery Estate wines are made under the exacting, ecologically responsible standards that are the hallmark of the entire Benziger sustainable portfolio. Imagery produced 1845 cases of its 2009 North Coast White Burgundy. The wine, which retails for $29 a bottle, is available exclusively at Imagery Estate Winery, though Imagery’s wine club, and at