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SakéOne Launches g fifty, the Newest Addition to the g Saké Line

16 May, 2013

Forest Grove, OR  – SakéOne, America’s leading producer of premium saké, has released the newest product in the American-produced g saké line, g fifty, which joins its sister product, g joy. g fifty is part of the rising trend of fine saké ($10+), a category that has recently seen significant growth in the US market. This emerging beverage category intrigues the consumer, as it’s an alternative everyday versatile libation for enjoying on its own or for food pairing.

Handcrafted by saké brewmaster, Greg Lorenz, g fifty is a Junmai Ginjo Genshu saké that uses rice milled to 50%, a Daiginjo grade. The difference between g joy and g fifty is the rice polish rate. g joy is also a Junmai Ginjo Genshu, but the rice is polished at 60%. The g saké line consists solely of Genshu products, meaning the saké is not diluted, indicating there is no secondary water added to modify the alcohol level. The water sourced for g fifty is from the Coast Mountain range in Oregon. It’s imperative to use exceptional water when brewing saké, as it makes up close to 80% of the product. The rice is from the renowned region of the Sacramento Valley in California and is M401, which is a special strain with lower fats and protein and produces an extremely subtle and delicate saké.

g fifty is a powerful, yet elegant saké, that boasts subtle notes of grape, pear and mint, with a backdrop of mineral and spice flavors. Although brewed in a customary Japanese sense by using traditional equipment, g fifty is fairly complex but smooth and harmonious, which captures the essence of East and West cultures.

It pairs impeccably with grilled meats and hard, aged cheeses. g fifty joins the esteemed g saké line, as well as SakéOne’s two other Oregon craft-brewed saké lines of Momokawa and fruit-flavor infused Moonstone. g fifty will be available nationwide at a suggested retail price of $25 for a 750ml bottle and $13 for a 300ml one, nicely placed in the niche premium saké category. For more information, please visit

About SakéOne

SakéOne was founded in 1992 as a joint partnership with Momokawa Brewing Japan originally as an importer, later to be the original American operated Kura (brewery).  SakéOne is the leading producer of “Ginjo” (premium) grade sake in the United States and today produces premium sakés under the Momokawa and G labels as well as innovative new products, such as the fruit-flavor infused saké under the Moonstone brand, in addition to its imported brands. Most recently, SakéOne released SakéMoto, a smooth and slightly dry sake with rice from the Yamaguchi prefecture. SakéOne distributes its saké in all 50 states, Canada, Mexico, South America and the Caribbean.  A leader committed to saké education at the wholesale, retail and consumer levels, SakéOne is focused on expanding the enjoyment of premium saké in the United States. For more information, visit SakéOne’s website at

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