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Altos Las Hormigas

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Impressed by the altitude and climate of Mendoza, it took winemaker Alberto Antonini and entrepreneur Antonio Morescalchi only one stop to find the inspiration they sought in South America. A fortuitous trip in 1995 led these Italian friends to a deep exploration of the potential of the Malbec grape, which had been largely misunderstood due to Mendoza’s struggling wine industry, injured by a lingering image of bulk wine production. They invested their confidence in the grape and the unblemished land that held a promise of reinvigoration (with a touch of modern winemaking and their own international experience). Since then the pair have partnered up with winemaker Attilia Pagli and agronomist Carlos Vazquez as well as renowned soil scientist Pedro Parra. Their patient and extensive terroir work, as well as two centuries of tradition in winemaking in Mendoza has resulted in rich, terroir-driven wines with as minimal intervention as possible by using neutral oak, natural yeast, and very little sulfites.


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