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Cycles Gladiator

Novato, California
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Cycles Gladiator was started in 2005 by multiple award-winning winemaker, Adam LaZarre, and quickly grew to fame with its tasty wines, extreme value proposition and iconic label portraying a naked, red-headed siren flying by on a bicycle. After years of fame and a skyrocket in production, and a sale to a large wine company, the brand lost its way. Shortly after, LaZarre left to explore more inspiring work, and with his departure went the prominence of the girl on the bike. That is until 2013, when new owner and serial entrepreneur, Dennis Carroll, acquired Cycles Gladiator and brought LaZarre (and the girl) back. With the revamp came a guarantee: to produce amazing wines sourced from the company’s managed vineyards in the California Central Coast with Vineyard to Table™ sourcing assuring quality from grape sourcing to bottle under LaZarre’s watchful eye.


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