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Gabriel-Glas Announces the Launch of DrinkArt

14 May, 2021

For Immediate Release                                                                                                                              Contact: Kimberly Noelle Charles, DipWSET                                                                         Charles Communications Associates                                                                         415-730-0064   Gabriel-Glas, the notable Austrian producer of the "One for All" wine glass, announces the launch of DrinkArt --  stemless glasses for everyday drinking pleasure -- just in time for summer! Napa, CA, May 14, 2021 – Gabriel-Glas, the producer of the stunning One for All universal wine glass, is pleased to announce a new addition to its portfolio.  Dubbed DrinkArt, the stemless glasses are lead-free crystal, shaped with a broader base at the bottom of the glass and a gentle conical shape at the thin-lipped top, allowing the flavors and aromas of any style of wine to emerge in the glass.  DrinkArt, is an elegant stemless silhouette which closely resembles the company’s popular StandArt and Gold Edition stemmed glasses.  The DrinkArt glass is also perfect for cocktails, water and other libations, and promotes an easy, relaxed approach to beverage consumption.  In keeping with famed European wine authority René Gabriel’s vision for his brand, the DrinkArt stemless glass was designed for drinking pleasure. The shape of this crisply modern vessel takes its cue from the "One for All" design of the StandArt and Gold Edition glasses, their intuitive architecture is an example of “form follows function.” Gabriel’s wine glasses, stemmed or stemless, debunk the  necessity for varietal specific wine glasses, and they simplify life.  According to Gabriel-Glas North America LLC, CEO Tempe Reichardt, "DrinkArt's broad base enables a wine to have more surface to air contact, allowing unique nuances to unfold.   Durable, dishwasher safe and sophisticated, these glasses were made for casual wine drinking – but they’re also great for cocktails.  Given that they’re stemless, they won’t blow away during those gusty patio parties we’re all starting to enjoy over the spring and summer months!"   In addition to the DrinkArt stemless glasses Gabriel-Glas has released a sleek companion carafe, The DrinkArt Bottle. The Bottle has a similar broad-based bowl and conical top designed for perfect wine aeration, but it also serves as a sleek serving pitcher for margaritas, Aperol spritzes or high ball cocktails.  The DrinkArt Bottle retails for $68, the stemless glasses are $68 for a set of six ($ 11.33 per glass). For product information, reviews and pricing, visit, contact About Gabriel Glas Gabriel-Glas is the brainchild of the renowned Swiss/German wine critic René Gabriel.  While authoring The WEINBIBEL, a comprehensive overview of the wine world written in German, Gabriel sought a versatile glass with an ideal shape he could use to effectively taste every style of wine—as an equal measure for each wine he needed to taste for his research. Unable to find any such glass that performed to his satisfaction, he grew frustrated by what he viewed as a marketing ploy—one that unnecessarily convinced the world of a varietal specific concept of stemware. He thus created Gabriel-Glas, a universal, all-purpose lead-free crystal glass, elegantly shaped to fully express any wine it delivers. Gabriel was able to solicit the highest level of technical expertise to create the Austrian-designed glass. After two-years of painstaking research and development, the “One for All” Gabriel-Glas was first introduced in Europe in 2010 to near immediate acclaim. The “One for All” Gabriel-Glas is made in two different qualities, both look exactly alike to the naked eye, and both are used for any style of wine. Strong by design, the Gold Edition and the StandArt glass are both seamless, making them more durable than many other glasses on the market.  The StandArt glass is molded with a wider base at the bottom of the glass and a conical shape at the top, designed to drive the bouquet and flavors of wine. The glass is wonderfully balanced, durable yet elegant, and space saving.  An everyday go-to glass. The Gold Edition glass is an exquisite mouth-blown vessel, painstakingly crafted by master artisans. The three-ounce, “lighter than air” Gold Edition glass offers the most discerning wine lover a sensational wine drinking experience.  It is supremely elegant and delicate, yet surprisingly durable.  Seven years ago,  Gabriel-Glas North America LLC was launched, headed up by Reichardt, as the exclusive US importer of the brand. Within a few years, Gabriel-Glas became a standard-bearer for quality universal wine glasses—and a cult sommelier favorite from coast to coast. In additional to the stunning “One for All” wine vessel, Gabriel-Glas also offers a beautiful range of beverage glasses, carafes, and a signature “Alpha” decanter. All Gabriel-Glas products are dishwasher safe, lead-free crystal and skillfully created by European craftsmen.   # #  #
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